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Digital publishing has truly come of age. From self-indulgent blogs and bandwidth-hogging Flash books (remember those preloaders that seemingly spun forever?), our choices have expanded to include books and magazines on our tablets, newspapers on our mobile phones, fan pages for virtually everything on Facebook, and breaking news on Twitter. 

E-publishing, once considered secondary to print, has started to come into its own. Even large publishers have begun to release digital-only titles.

For projects that aren't a good fit for the restrictive distribution formats used by Amazon, Apple and Google, there are also rich-media PDFs that can be read by almost anyone with access to a computer. Unfortunately, most rich-media books and marketing materials produced today are essentially PDF versions of print materials. Worse, a significant percentage of e-books appear to have been created from standard templates that might not even be a good fit for the nature of the publication.

Greenbooks, a division of A Type of Magic, changes all that. Our e-books are designed with the medium in mind. Unlike traditional books and magazines, which generally use a portrait (vertical) page format, we use a landscape (horizontal) format which allows a page to fill the screen for easy reading.

If you must print, it's easy. All greenbooks are set up on standard size documents (either US Letter or A4, depending on the market it's intended for). That means that unlike with other e-books, if someone chooses to print a particular page, it will fit perfectly on a sheet, at the correct size, with nothing cut off.

Greenbooks are custom designed. We don't work from templates. Every book, every catalog, every magazine is custom designed. From typography to layout, we create a design that perfectly fits the subject of the publication.

Navigation is as simple as clicking on buttons. Greenbooks are set up so readers can simply click on links or buttons to navigate between pages or sections. Every entry on an Index page, for example, is hyperlinked to the relevant section or chapter. All pages also come with Previous, Next and Contents buttons that make navigation simple.

Websites and email addresses can be made clickable, with the links opening in the reader's default web browser or email program. Greenbooks can have movies or sound files embedded in the document, and can even be linked to streaming video files on the Internet.

It doesn't require special hardware. Unlike costly, proprietary solutions provided through e-book readers like Amazon's Kindle and the Sony Reader, most of our greenbooks can be opened in Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat Reader comes pre-installed on virtually every computer today and is also available as a free download. 

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