What makes us different

Why We're Different

At the heart of our success is the fact that we understand what goes into the creation of a successful publication, website or ad. (Hint: It's more than just great design).

Whether we are creating a travel guide, a lifestyle magazine, a corporate website or a marketing campaign, we begin by asking simple, straightforward questions:

Who is our target audience?

What would they find interesting?

Where's the news angle in the information you wish to put out there?

It's a reader-centric approach, very different from the strategy adopted by many companies and their advertising agencies who tailor their material around what's important to the client. (It's little wonder that most publicity briefs sent out by agencies and PR firms find their way into editors' trashcans).

Knowing who our audience is and what interests them brings focus and clarity to our needs. Once we have our approach spelled out, we orchestrate the choir of elements that will tell your story…effectively, beautifully, and in a fresh, unique way.

We believe in less flash and more substance. That means a well-designed piece that spotlights your message, not overshadows it. From layout grids to choice of typefaces, from font sizes to selection of a colour palette, everything is done with the specific project in mind. All these elements must match the personality and tone of the piece that is being designed.

When it comes to websites, content and functionality are just as important to us as the actual design. A great-looking site will achieve very little if it means visitors are so frustrated by slow-loading pages or a poor site structure that they simply move on.  

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