MarkBook, by Asylum Software, is a leading class management program used by schools around the world. The suite of services helps educators operate their classes more efficiently and generates enormous savings in teacher and administrator time.

MarkBook has been around for years, and like a lot of software launched at that time, the interface was starting to look dated. We worked with Asylum's agency wm&d to redesign the frontend to make it both more visually appealing as well as more intuitive to use. (A few screen redesigns are featured lower down on this page).

We also helped redesign the software box as well as created a series of ads that spoke to MarkBook's superior functionality and ease of use.

When Asylum decided to launch the MarkBook app for the iPad, we once again designed the frontend interface, making it a pleasure to use. A Type of Magic also designed the logo for LockerManager, another software from Asylum, as well as many of the icons used in the MarkBook suite.

We are proud to have played a role in helping make Asylum Software a leader in the world of class management software. 

A few redesigned screens of the MarkBook frontend interface:

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Louie Manzo, Executive Director, WM&D

"WM&D produces strategic marketing materials for a number of B2B and B2C clients. A Type Of Magic is our go-to partner for programs that include strategic thinking, copywriting, design and programming services—at times we employ them for one or all services. They have delivered consistently on-target solutions for one of our software development clients, MarkBook, a company that creates registration, record management and grade marking software for schools globally.

"A Type of Magic was tasked with designing not only the user interface from colour story, to font, to functionality, but also the promotional materials that support the sales effort. They were able to leverage their knowledge of the backend and user functionality to design smart and strategic promotional materials that had possible users understand at a glance the strength of the software."

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