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The Virgin Diet

The Virgin Diet

Our most successful marketing campaign for a single book was for The Virgin Diet, a revolutionary weight loss program by celebrity nutritionist JJ Virgin. The book, published by Harlequin, stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for more than 20 weeks, and sold more than a quarter million copies.

We were involved from brand development through to post-release of the book. In all, we produced nearly 50 separate pieces for this campaign—including strategy documents, teasers, press publicity, trade marketing, targeted print advertising, POP displays, exhibition posters, postcards, traincar ads and web banners.

It was an extensive, exhaustive campaign, but one that paid rich dividends. The book received widespread publicity in mainstream media, including TV, national publications and websites, and immediately landed on the New York Times bestseller list. 

The Virgin Diet was subsequently also released in paperback and audio formats.  

The big announcement at Book Expo America:

The Virgin Diet

A few print and web advertising pieces:

The Virgin Diet

Quote, unquote

Debbie Misquitta, Assistant Product Manager, Nonfiction, Harlequin

"A Type of Magic has been an incredible asset in helping in the development of the launch campaign for JJ Virgin, celebrity nutritionist and fitness expert. By developing segregated marketing focuses, Archie developed the creative strategy for the segment target groups.

From concept creation to final execution, to strategic retail focuses, A Type of Magic provided an all-encompassing branding focus with related creative that was extremely successful. Needless to say, it was amazing to work with him on this New York Times bestseller."

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